Pretoria, South Africa

Welcome to Pretoria (Tshwane), South Africa:

The city of Pretoria is located north of Johannesburg & Pretoria is also known for representing the countries stability, it is rich with Jacaranda trees along streets, gardens & parks. Pretoria has a large white ethnic group known as the Afrikaners & apartheid days, however, at present, there are different races & communities. The Union Building which was built during the period of 1910 to 1913 & designed by Sir Herbert Baker. The building's main purpose is to house the president of South Africa & the official South African government, the building has a wing representing English & Afrikannes languages & the unity cultures. The Pretoria National Botanical Garden is the most famous National Botanical Garden in SA, it also has large green suburbs &lush surroundings & home to Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary as well as the National Zoological Gardens. In addition, the city is also surrounded by the hills of the Magaliesberg range along with warm, protected & fertile valley.


  • Tour of Pretoria City 
  • Ditsong National Museum of Natural History 
  • Paul Kruger House Museum 
  • The museum formed in Pretoria 
  • National Botanical Garden 
  • Vintage steam train
  • Safari game drivers & horse rides at Groenklooof Nature Reserve 
  • Explore the Church Square 
  • Tour to Union Building

Why go to Pretoria:

  • Visit the oldest Groenkloof Nature Reserve southern outskirts of Pretoria was proclaimed by Paul Kruger, enjoy plain game drive inclusive of giraffe, impala & blue wildebeest, horse ride & 4x4 nature trail 
  • Union Building tour official seat of the South African government, the building has a beautiful outside garden
  • Voortrekker Monument colossal grey granite building was built in honor of the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony between 1835 and 1854
  • Tour of Church Square with beautiful historical buildings surrounded such as the Palace of Justice, the Ou Raadsaal (Council Hall) & the General Post Office
  • Pretoria tour includes visitation to Paul Kruger Museum explore the unique historical building & the insight of Kruger's life 
  • Explore Freedom Park in honor of George Bizos who was an anti-apartheid icon & human rights lawyer defending Nelson Mandela 
  • Take a tour to one of the 9th National Botanical Garden of South Africa, explore Pretoria National Botanical Garden 
  • Rietvlei Nature Reserve offers hiking, game drives & birdwatching 
  • Explore Ditsong National Museum of Natural History which is home to a large curates collections from fauna & flora, military history as well as culture history
  • Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers a game drives, hiking, horse ride & 4x4 nature trail
  • Pretoria Museum tour to Melrose House Museum, Pretoria Art Museum, Jan Smuts House Museum & Sammy Marks Museum 
  • At the Austin Roberts, Bird Sanctuary enjoy birdwatch, guided walks & visit the exhibition center
  • Take a vintage steam train with Friends Of The Rail 

Best of Pretoria: 

Discover Pretoria City Hall was however built to celebrate the city status, in front of the hall there are beautiful parks found during the building period in 1931. In honor of Voortrekkers who settled in South Africa from the coast into the hinterland on ox-wagons, a monument overlooking Pretoria stands the majestic Voortrekkers Monument. Visit the Freedom Park built as a memorial site for the heroines who fought for freedom, it was established as the South Africa government of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission & the official project launch was in 2000. Explore the Church Square with a bronze statue of Paul Kruger place in 1954, the site is surrounded by architectural & historical buildings including the Place of Justice which was the scene of the Rivonia Treason Trial in Nelson Mandela sentence.

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